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Make a Donation

All donations go toward the advancement of animal welfare.
We are a 501c3 public charity supporting animal welfare efforts in the Central Valley.

Non profit tax ID #30-0958951

Kirkland Foundation

Other Ways to Help

Portrait of tabby cat biting and scratching owner's hand

Foster or Adopt

Let us know you’re willing to help and we’ll set you up with a couple of fur babies and cover all their food and medical costs. If you’re ready to find your new best friend, browse our critter list and make it happen!


Help us rescue and care for animals (feeding, cleaning, treating and socializing a bunch of furballs is a lot of work), transport them out of area and educate others on the need to spay/neuter and treat animals with grace and dignity. 

Spread the Word

Just because we don’t talk about ourselves as much as we should, doesn’t mean we don’t want you to.  Like us on Facebook and give us an “Atta boy!”

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