In today's version of “If you need something done fast, ask someone who's stupid busy”, we present Troubles, a tortie kitten stuck on the concrete guardrail of the 180W to 41S overpass since last Wednesday.
11:15. Receive FB message from Troubles Villa with photos.
12:10. Arrive onsite and call CHP to stop traffic.
12:11. Have mild heart attack watching kitten jump 30' to hillside full of foxtails, sprint across the 41S like Frogger on steroids and scamper under some nasty plastic by the median. Hang up with CHP. Scramble down into foxtails for a better look. Note exact location of sketchy pile of plastic.
12:15. Arrive at location from 41N. Set hazards, construct cardboard carrier, grab a towel and hop over concrete barrier.
12:20. Hold towel over plastic and carefully remove pieces looking for little one as cars whiz by.
12:21. Find little one, drop towel over her, bundle her up and stuff her in the carrier. Take photos for FB flex.
12:35. Walk-in to go to vet with ragamuffin. Stress over name. Decide to call her Troubles. Greenlight snap test, exam, vaxxes and fixing.
12:50. Apply for entry into Stephanie Yeats Cymanski's Finishing School for Wayward Torties. Secure approval.
1:30. Post FB flex and eat…
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