told her to “Bring that handsome devil to us, and be quick about it!”
Palm Bluff Veterinary Hospital went to work on Tom, suturing his lacerations, grafting skin onto a large injury, testing, neutering, vaccinating, cleaning the mats from his fur and clearing his eyes. With a few days of after-care, we felt confident to return him to the Christy with instructions to let us know if she noticed anything suspect. Another week in, the vets approved the removal of Tom’s bandages, and other than the setback to street cred from a “super cute” sunflower cone Christy found on Amazon, Tom made steady recovery.
As Tom’s healing progressed, the challenge turned to keeping him from scampering back to the ‘hood that roughed him up. We had neutered him, so chasing local hussies wasn’t the issue, but Tom seemed too kindly to be back on the street. Christy met that challenge by setting up the nicest off the shelf catio we’ve ever seen as an alternative, and we crossed our fingers that Tom would see the upside in the new lifestyle.
PetSmart Charities. When you’re checking out with that bin of treats or bag of litter and prompted for a donation, know that what you give has real and lasting impact on Mother Nature’s little masterpieces. Tom the Cat.
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