Thumper, today’s unadoptable, came to us as an adolescent from Coalinga where he had suffered a pellet gun attack, leaving his mobility and life prospects limited. A year later, Thumper—so named because of his similarity to Bambi’s pal—is an ongoing reminder that if you’re willing to forgive and move forward, you just might end up with a full belly, in a velvet tower, getting your head scratched. A lot.

But for the misguided “Man is in the forest” incident that defined his early life, Thumper would have girls fighting over the opportunity to have him in their lap. He has stunning steel blue eyes I would’ve misused in college, a lux coat and raccoon tail that you can’t keep your hands off and 24/7 willingness to Netflix and purr. His motor runs quieter than most but he’s chatty at dinnertime and social with other KF denizens. Thumper’s only real issue is that while he’s regained mobility (he can walk and climb), he walks like a rabbit, and as a result, thumps from place to place like an upstairs neighbor in a walking boot.

Thumper’s best home would include carpet and a willingness to look past his unusual movement to appreciate the special lovebug he is. In full disclosure, if he’s hurried at the litter box, he occasionally pees on his back foot, but any guy who tells you that hasn’t happened to him is lying. In short, Thumper’s not going to teach you how to skate on ice, but he will likely teach you something about forgiveness and the willingness to embrace life and share love regardless of your limitations.

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