With the third neuter event a wrap but for the cleaning, it’s time to face the inconvenient truth that a small group of self-trained, unpaid but committed animal lovers proved the impossible possible, repeated the feat three times in six weeks and improved on the process each time. In truth, the “one-day” events were 2+ with prep and clean-up, but the numbers were impressive:
Total: 1,184 fixes, 1,086 neuters, 98 spays
Palm Bluff Veterinary Hospital
Brandi Can is wise to the scam and working on a solution.
Palm Bluff Veterinary Hospital—“What if we turned this table, so two techs could work at once…and raised it up to take pressure off our backs?”—and the better effort by the author procuring celebratory beverages—“No…the good stuff this time…”. We even tried to distract the vets by tossing two kitten enucleations, a hernia/bladder/tail repair, a spleen cancer patient, a pneumonia re-check, a lung infection (fungal) and an old tom with foxtail abscesses at them during the event, but they shook us off like cheap hecklers and still swished the free throws.
Fresno T.N.R.
Palm Bluff Veterinary Hospital
Dogwood Animal Rescue Project
The Cat House On The Kings.com
Petco Love
Central California SPCA