Third Neuter Event

With the third neuter event a wrap but for the cleaning, it’s time to face the inconvenient truth that a small group of self-trained, unpaid but committed animal lovers proved the impossible possible, repeated the feat three times in six weeks and improved on the process each time. In truth, the “one-day” events were 2+ with prep and clean-up, but the numbers were impressive:
1st event (9/13): 407 fixes; 389 neuters*, 18 spays
2nd event (10/18): 361 fixes; 332 neuters, 29 spays
3rd event (10/25): 416 fixes; 365 neuters, 51 spays
Total: 1,184 fixes, 1,086 neuters, 98 spays
*100 of the first neuters were completed by Central California SPCA, 289 through Palm Bluff Veterinary Hospital
Add 1,184 vaccines x2 (rabies and FVRCP) and another 50+ fixes by our friends at The Cat House On The offsite on each day, and we’re talking 1,300+ cats incapable of making the animal overpopulation problem worse and on track for safer, healthier lives. The number of cat moms misgendering their boys as girls has increased 283%–“What? He didn’t have testicles?”, but Team Brandi Can is wise to the scam and working on a solution.
If you were paying attention from a front row seat, you’d have loved the color-coded innovations to the intake and outbound logistics by Fresno T.N.R.’s crew—“I see what you did there…”, the production efficiencies by Palm Bluff Veterinary Hospital—“What if we turned this table, so two techs could work at once…and raised it up to take pressure off our backs?”—and the better effort by the author procuring celebratory beverages—“No…the good stuff this time…”. We even tried to distract the vets by tossing two kitten enucleations, a hernia/bladder/tail repair, a spleen cancer patient, a pneumonia re-check, a lung infection (fungal) and an old tom with foxtail abscesses at them during the event, but they shook us off like cheap hecklers and still swished the free throws.
As I’m posting this update, a handsome Siamese we bogarted from the event is camped in my lap—“Whoa…wait…no ear tip on that one…”—and helping me craft a challenge to the City and County with the results to date and the awkward but undeniable fact that without multi-million dollar facilities, paid staff and seven figure funding, our divine collective has shown how to put a sizable dent in a fixable community health crisis and it’s time for them to step up and help with the fixin’…both of the cats and the problem.

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