The Unknown Tabby

To the unknown tabby that we had to euthanize earlier today with irreparable spinal trauma, please know that we did all we could to give you a chance at life. Caring vets with over 70 years of experience examined you, viewed your X-rays, stressed about your prospects and gave us the hard truth about your chance for recovery. We knew from your eyes that you wanted to live, but without the use of your body, we didn’t know how to give you the life you deserved.
You were a little celebrity! Over 1,000 people viewed your video, 130+ traded comments and another 75+ shared the post with others. Although only two of us could respond to you, we believe that most who viewed your struggle would have helped you if they knew how. Your post generated some bitter exchanges, but please know that we believe there’s kindness in everyone and that the harsh talk resulted more from frustration over the inability to help than any lack of caring over your condition.
It might be hard to reconcile that belief watching humans pass you without stopping but know that within 30 minutes of us being tagged in your post, you were in the hands of Kat Soto, one of our most caring affiliates, and within an hour, under the care of our most trusted vets. Had you been one of our own loved ones, you could not have received better care and attention.
You were a gorgeous little creature who endured unspeakable trauma with grace and dignity. We held you as you passed and although we knew you only briefly, had to compose ourselves as life left your body. Your frail frame said your life was never easy but know that we grieve your passing as we would one of our own and celebrate the chance to encourage others to respond to those like you with action and kindness.
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