my surveillance on to Gabby and prepared for my ill-fated U-Haul trip through the Grapevine.
PetSmart for supplies, Margaret Jackson greeted me at her door and offered her litter of sherpas to haul the gear into the house. Under the excited watch of those sherpas, now foster apprentices, I set up a luxe kennel with bedding, hutch and hammock, as well as a litter pan, food and stuffy for companionship. After encouraging the Jackson 3 to be patient while Garage 5 decompressed, I left the anxious stand-off—three wide-eyed little girls staring into the kennel and five wide-eyed kittens staring out—and headed back to my real job.
Over the last two days, Mama Jackson has peppered my phone with updates and confirmed that her existing cat was the only one unenthused about the prospect of 4-6 weeks of nonstop kitten chaos. The Garage 5 are now free from grime and fleas and getting used to the Jackson 3, and we’ve commissioned an effort to find and TNR mom. And for our rescuer friends contemplating yanking a fire alarm because OMG those little ones in that tree or parking lot will surely DIE if something isn’t done RIGHT NOW, don’t do it. The Fire Department was less than a block away from the Garage 5’s rescue location. Your results will vary…
The Garage 5 and the Jackson 3.