Over the weekend, we had a dramatic tree rescue that we managed to capture on video from start to finish, complete with GoPro footage. Expect a post in a few days but here are the highlights…Brandi of Snip N Tip’s feral cat 60’ up, tree guy named Felix, minor bloodshed, major drama. Mama Su saw the dailies and opined that it needs a proper soundtrack and I should stand up straight, but Siena saw the same video and deemed even the raw footage to be a claw-biter. In any event, it’ll be fun watching, assuming you don’t mind heights…
In more grounded news, Lucy, a friendly gray and white DSH with a neck wound has been stitched up, fixed and recovering nicely; Tommy, another DSH mix with an infected leg wound (necrotic flesh, maggots…lovely) has been cleaned, stitched up and fixed. Stu (aka BabyFace) is bouncing back from severe URI (nosebleeds); Tippy's severe butt laceration is healing nicely and at least a hundred more are in various stages of treatment. While the crew deals with the furry fixer-uppers, I prepped all the shop vacs, air purifiers and swamp coolers for summer—“You know these things have filters, right?”—and Mama Su’s latest reel of Bran, our first paraplegic, went viral with 9,700 views and counting.
But for as much of fearless hero as you’ll soon see that the tree guy Felix is, the “Bad-Ass of the Week” award goes to Stumpy, a tiny black kitten who came to us with two bad eyes, dangerously low body temps and missing a foot (dog, lawnmower?). Despite a bone protruding from her wound, Little Stumper embraced hand feeding and eye treatments, and now this spunky little thing is supervising the crew from a perch atop her stuffed animal. She’ll lose her foot and at least one eye, but she’s all attitude and at once a symbol of everything wrong and right with kitten season…Stumpy.
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