Storm came to us in June 2022 with a front paw badly damaged from unknown trauma. After our attempts at rehab failed, we were forced to amputate his leg and asked finder Rosa Reyes to welcome him back into the safety of her home. After ten months of making Rosa's family smile, Storm's health took an unexpected downturn–weight loss, diarrhea–and x-rays and ultrasound suggested a serious digestive problem. Earlier today, during exploratory surgery, the vets found advanced intestinal cancer draining life from Storm's body, and we made the devastating decision to let him move on in peace.
Storm braved amputation to bring love and warmth into Rosa Reyes home and left her with quiet dignity to inoperable cancer. He was a fine cat who gave more to others than life gave him and we're blessed for having some small role in the last, best ten months of his too short life. Storm.
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