2022 has had no shortage of bummers—$5 gas, Eastern Europe on the brink and a kitten season from Hell—but whenever you want to feel sorry for yourself, take a deep breath and think about the following furballs who have experienced more hardship than you ever will and still keep warmth in their heart.
Storm, came to us two days ago, badly emaciated and with a leg that smelled worse than your dorm room on a Sunday morning. Rotten from untreated injury, his front leg was cemented to his body from hardened pus and scabbing. Similarly situated, I’d be a little bitter, but when we met him, Storm leaned into an ear smoosh, offered an appreciative purr, and now, after surgery to remove the necrotic flesh, free his leg (no breaks!) and treat his infection, his priority isn’t who he can sue for damages, but how can he keep this glorious thing called wet food coming.
We first heard about Milton from a Samaritan who reported this old-timer happened on her doorstep with some sort of skin ailment. Our flashlight inspection suggested that Milton had his share of street fights and maybe a bad case of mites, so we hustled him in for fixin’ and a dose of extra strength Revolution. Turns out, Milton didn’t have mites…he had scabbing, broken teeth and nails from some sort of panicked response to some unknown trauma. As I write, Milton is still recovering from his first bath ever (“OMG, this cat has white fur!”), but despite the meanness the world showed him, Milton is still the same gentle soul he was on intake and, because of it, on track to spend the rest of his life in a comfy lap.