Sir Charles RIP

In February 2021, we posted a tribute to Mr. Hobbs, a wobbly old-timer who came to us with an ugly back wound, won the crew over with his nonchalance over treatment and moved us all with his passing. It wasn’t fun to write but it’s a favorite nonetheless, and from the comments and shares on the post, captured the emotional roller-coaster many of us suffer with loss. They come to us rough, we invest our hearts and share a bit of sunshine, and too soon, they’re gone.
So it was with Sir Charles, who passed unexpectedly last week when he was being prepped for neutering. The subject of heroic tracking and rescue by Brenda Pardo, Sir Charles spent the last month camped out in our downstairs bath eating and sleeping his way back to fighting weight. As an older FIV+ male, Charles’ adoption options were limited, but we were fortunate to have an FIV-friendly adopter anxious for him to join their home.
The night before his treatment Sir Charles enjoyed a soothing bath and was grumpy when I rousted him for the trip to the vet. I had concerns about his age, but he’d beefed up courtesy of Mama Su, and given his orchitis, the vets agreed neutering was a reasonable and timely course of action. I'm second-guessing myself now, of course, but taking solace that this handsome curmudgeon knew love and comfort the last month of his too hard life. Sir Charles RIP.
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