A week ago, we responded to a call from a rescue friend who pulled an emaciated gray female from a colony in Northern CA. We agreed to have a look and within a few hours, met the finder and Serena at the vet for an exam. 6-7 years old, just over 4 pounds, URI, probable liver/kidney issues, dental problems…the vet shook his head and suggested it was time to move on. “But she’s trying to eat. I say we give her a bath, get the fleas off her and let Mama Su do her thing…”
Back at House Kirkland, I knew Mama Su would be skeptical—we’re full full—so I led with some take-out tuna from a local restaurant and suggested I could handle the project alone. Mama Su was having none of it. “Really? A tuna wrap? Get some towels and shut that door. OMG, this poor thing…” And like that, Serena was in.
Three days later, Serena’s still too fragile for vaccines, but she's eating and Mama Su’s on a mission to save this girl, and you do NOT want to bet against that action. Serena.
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