Salem & Medusa

If you’re a fan of pirates—and who isn’t?—you have to love Zheng Yi Sao (pronounced Sheng Yee Sa). This hussy turned pirate queen took over a fleet of 1,500 ships and 80,000 men when her husband perished under curious circumstances—“Swept overboard, you say?”—and terrorized the South China Sea until the Chinese government tapped out and offered her amnesty. Zheng Yi spent the rest of her life running a gambling joint and living a life of comfort. Our kind of girl!
We’ve harbored a lot of little female pirates over the last few years—Siena, Estrella, Jacki, Rose, Minnie, etc.— and are relieved to report that our two most recent, sisters Salem and Medusa, were adopted as a bonded pair earlier this week at PetSmart Riverpark. Just six weeks old when a Samaritan ferried them to us with eye trauma, these furry freebooters recovered and spent the next two months plundering and pillaging until super-foster Stephanie Yeats Cymanski convinced them to trade their rowdy lifestyle for full bowls and comfy beds.
Last January, we received a PetSmart Charities grant to help us get more at-risk cats and kittens off the street and into loving homes. As one of the few rescues that can take an injured cat, we see more than we’d like and are deeply grateful for extra resources to help furry swashbucklers like Salem and Medusa. We can’t fix them all, but we fix a lot and couldn’t do it without our dedicated crew, our loving fosters and the generous support of PetSmart Charities. Salem and Medusa.
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