In looking back over our last few posts, you could come away with the impression Kirkland House is akin to a Civil War field hospital with a gruesome array of maimed patients and a staff of Clara Bartons comforting what’s left of the wounded. While part of our daily routine includes medical attention and rehab, the majority of our furry guests enjoy the use of both eyes and all four paws and suffer only the inconvenience of short term confinement or having to wait in turn for attention. That said, even the ones that are a little scuffed up, like our little pirate Rose here (missing an eye) have it pretty darn good.

If we’ve taken you on as a guest, you can count on access to better food service, health care and thread counts than most, a bunch of other cats and dogs to cuddle or chase depending on your personality and preference, a Disneyland of toys, towers and scratching posts and plenty of pillows, beds and other comfy spots on which to nap. You’ll have to endure brushing, nail clipping and selfies, but chubby is encouraged and the people that run the place have resigned themselves to floors with the gritty feel of a beach parking lot and cleaning up after you 24/7.

You might be woken up at 4 AM by a furry colleague mistiming his jump on the bed and sending the comforter and 60 lbs of sleeping cats flying or Don Julio prompting Mama Renee to try “Alexa, play music everywhere”, but even then, the worst you’ll suffer is Litter Box Guy calling everyone a “dipshit” and you might even be featured in a Facebook post highlighting the hilarity. You’ll have a few more vet visits than your less frayed colleagues, but your life is way better than it was on the street, and you can sleep well knowing that has your needs on autoship, the vet knows you by name and your hosts’ favorite jeans have a tear or two and they’re not tossing those anytime soon either. Rose.


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