RIP Mr. Pink

I jinxed us. After my post yesterday about Mr. Pink’s rescue and initial treatment, he took a unexpected downturn this afternoon, and we have been working on getting his body temp and blood sugar up ever since. At 2:30 PM, we had him back at the vet for all hands treatment until closing and then returned to the Main House for overnight care. Around 10 PM, Mama Su moved him into our incubator, at 11 PM he began having seizures, and at 11:20 PM, he passed. I wish I had better news, but please know your thoughts and donations gave him better care in the last 36 hours that he had at any prior time in too rough life and we’re devastated to report this heart-breaking loss to Mother Nature. RIP, Mr. Pink. We gave you all we had, and you deserved every bit of it.
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