We want to help all of them. Seriously, we believe every sick, injured or neglected cat that’s out there deserves the same care we’d give our own. But the hard truth is that we cannot do it alone. And it’s not just about money. Covering the vet bill is just the first tentative step toward a comfy bed in a forever home.
Take Pringle here, pulled from the PTS room at the local shelter with nerve damage in his front paw. We tried patience and rehab onsite, sent him to a foster to try a cast and more rehab and finally conceded that amputation was the best option. He's now recovering from the surgery, and we’re turning our attention to how we’re going to rehome him…three months after his initial freedom ride. And Pringle is one of the easy ones.
In short, every single sick or injured cat we help takes way more time, space and angst than you might expect to bring them back to health. We can save more…and want to…but we need your help. If you're going to tag us or refer a cat to us, please offer to foster, create a fundraiser, assist with follow-up care or help finding a forever home. The difference in our ability to help the cat you tagged and others behind him is YOU!
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