Pretty standard Monday

Two dentals, a kitten with neuro damage to her legs (positive thoughts!), a feral colony cat with a suspected leg break (nah, just tweaked), femoral head surgery for a 16 lb bruiser whose mom was quoted 4x elsewhere, pin removal from a spunky kitten with two formerly broken legs, recheck and spay of a feral kitten with femoral head repair, bloodwork on a KF lifer with unexplained weight loss, enucleation for a kitten given hours live a month ago, three routine rechecks, three unexpected losses resulting in necropsies, two pet moms talked in from the ledge and Sam, shown here, a wannabe badass whose mom dropped him off in tears but turns out he suffered nothing from that dimwitted husky that a bath and groceries can’t fix. Oh and we’re gearing up for another 300+ neuter event Tue/Wed because records are made to be broken. Pretty standard Monday…

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