Stop us if you've heard this one…
Guy gets tagged about a kitten in a storm drain. Kitten has been howling like a car alarm for three days, fire department couldn't help, finder is worried sick and has no one else to turn to.
Thirty minutes later, guy presses pause on the day, tosses a trap, rope, net and crowbar into his truck and texts finder he's on his way.
At the site, kitten is howling as advertised, guy ties a rope around the “heavy as can be” grate, hoists it up for finder to lever so guy can lean in for a look. Kitten is staring up at him from the drainpipe.
Guy asks the kitten to make it easy on everyone and give himself up. Guy then lowers a net into the drain and positions it directly in front of the kitten. Kitten jumps into the net and guy hauls him out.
After photos and high fives, guy tells PD (responding just as rescue was ending) that all is good, runs little one back at Kirkland Foundation and heads back to work.
Time from response to flea bath: < 60 minutes

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