Mr. Hobbs – Part 1

Our latest project started with Jack Daniels and me catching up on The Blacklist and scrolling through Facebook notifications looking for furry fixer uppers. One particularly gruesome post about an emaciated but friendly cat in Chowchilla with an ugly wound on his back caught our attention and after a quick exchange of messages with the author, Jack and I agreed he’d make a great addition to the Kirkland rabble and arranged for him to be dropped off at the house the following morning.

Upon delivery, we were pleased to find that our new guest was an indiscriminate purrer, had a lux coat but for the area of the wound on his back and while the wound itself was unsightly, it was pretty much healed and relatively harmless. If given the choice, I’d prefer a full head of hair and a hairless back, and “unsightly but harmless” describes pretty much everyone we like, so we set him up in ISO with our best faux fur throw, a choice of breakfasts and a dedicated space heater, all of which he took to with genuine appreciation.

A visit with the vet confirmed advancing age (12 or so) and clear need to pack on a few pounds. While waiting for his blood work, Mr. Hobbs is now relaxing in heated kennel and his prescribed treatment of “massage and extra food 2x daily” is the envy of our other guests and staff. Mr. Hobbs.

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