Maddie, Rocky and Karl

We’re blessed to have a wonderful relationship with PetSmart, but our best turnarounds tend to have quirks that preclude them from typical adoption outlets. Take Maddie. Headliner in two posts, her story is legend—prison, rickets, unable to stand, guarded by Rocky, now struts around the Big House hustling Mama Su for rotisserie chicken. Our most diminutive guest fears nothing, tolerates everything, can run fast but rarely feels the need and has a motor that no doubt led to her discovery. Like the watch in Pulp Fiction, we can’t say how her hiding spot affected her long-term, and she sleeps like she expects to be shanked, but if you need a furry tough to maintain order in the cell block? Maddie.
Rocky came to us from a Northern CA colony 3-4 pounds ago and has spent the last few months as a constant source of distraction for our crew. Whether dressing for holidays, showboating for visitors or sprawling in the blankets for nap, Rocky is 15 pounds of photogenic awesome. If we were better at social media, Rocky’s Tik Tok would be paying our bills, but we’re not and therein lies opportunity. But even if celebrity adoration is not your thing, adopting Rocky will increase our onsite productivity a good 30%, and you can sleep well knowing that giving this furry body pillow a home saved lives. Rocky.
Finally, there’s Karl, a crazy-eyed Siamese, pulled from the PTS room of a local shelter last February with a mangled leg and salty disposition. Our vets couldn’t save his leg, but Karl’s had a dramatic turn in temperament with his stay at Kirkland. His first impression is still stink eye, but it’s a sham—rub his ears and he’s a purring plush toy. Karl moves as good as any tripod we’ve seen—you’d need to look twice to notice he’s a leg short—and he handles the litter box with ease. With four good paws, he'd command a premium, but he can had for a commitment to give him the attention he deserves. And that tail? Are you kidding? Karl.
This #givingtuesday2022 add some awesome to your life! Maddie, Rocky and Karl.
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