Lex came to us late last night with all sorts of issues—caught in a fence for days, trauma to his midsection, dragging his legs, couldn’t pee or poop, ringworm.—but this handsome ginger has feeling in his tail, purrs like a Chippendale’s dancer with rent due and the last project we took from our friends at the Coalinga shelter is a chubby lovebug, so we said “Why not?” and checked him in.

Twelve hours, two meals and a catheter later, Lex is onboard the SS Kirkland hopped up on steroids and antibiotics and the KF crew is thrilled with the opportunity to glove up, express and Intrafungol yet another Jack Daniels recommended project.

Whatever. Any cat that purrs through a catheter insertion is a badass and as Hyman Roth said, “It’s the business we’ve chosen…”. Lex.

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