Kibble, Chloe and Tinkerbell

Earlier this month we announced that we’d received a generous PetSmart Charities grant to continue helping at-risk animals get off the streets and into loving homes. In 2022, we placed 569 cats and kittens through PetSmarts in Northern California, helped hundreds more with medical issues and spay/neuter/vaccines and provided our vehicles to others transporting other homeless animals out of the area. We’re fortunate to be one of the few rescues that can respond to a serious injury and we’re proud to have helped hundreds of scuffed up little ones get back on their paws and into loving homes. Consider Stumpy (Kibble), Chloe and Tinkerbell.
Stumpy (now Kibble) came to us as a tiny kitten last April with her rear paw torn off, eye damage and a dangerously low body temp. After recovering from amputation and enucleation, and this sassy miss spent the last 6 months greeting guests in the Kitten Room while we considered prosthetics and other placement options. We’re thrilled to report that last week Stephanie Yeats Cymanski found her a forever home with Chloe, another Kirkland project.
Chloe, a friendly little long-haired calico, was pulled from a local colony with her rear leg shattered in two places by TNR superstar Brandi Can. After consultation with our vet, he referred us to an orthopedic specialist in Stockton, and Chloe had intricate surgery to repair the leg in early January. Chloe's leg healed perfectly, she kept her loving temperament throughout and as mentioned above, found her forever family with Kibble.
Tinkerbell showed up at a finder’s home in Visalia with her rear leg broken in two places. Our vets did the work with two stainless pins and 5 weeks later, the surgery had healed beautifully. In addition to the breaks, Tinkerbell had treatment for some of the worst flea infestation we’ve seen, ear mites and other parasites and is now with Mama Steph getting her finishing touches. She’ll find her forever family within the month.
Without the skill and attention of our caring vets, the relentless love of our dedicated crew and fosters and the generous support from PetSmart Charities, all three kittens were facing a hard life on the street, amputation or worse. When you’re prompted for a donation at the check-out at PetSmart, please know that your donations have a direct and live-changing impact on beautiful creatures like Kibble, Chloe, Tinkerbell and hundreds of others we help each year.
Our goal in 2023 is to increase our adoptions through PetSmarts to 700+ and are looking for a paid Adoption Coordinator to help with the effort. Kittens pretty much place themselves, but projects like the ones above need more attention to find a forever family. If you’re interested in being part of our mission to get at-risk animals off the street and into comfy laps, please connect us via Messenger for more information.
Kibble, Chloe and Tinkerbell, courtesy of PetSmart Charities.
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