Joey Phipps…and Fugee

There’s obsessive, and then there’s “Your boss takes a call from Laurel Hager, a K2 teacher that heard a kitten crying in a storm drain at her school, scopes out the situation, calls you in and while he's dealing with a broken tortie and sobbing followers, you respond by modifying a small Tractor Supply trap to fit in 18” square runoff drain by cutting it with wire cutters and ziptieing it together shorter, cutting a piece of clipboard to extend the trigger plate and duct-taping the food tray in and then checking the trap roughly 30 times in 9 days and resetting it repeatedly by hanging upside down in the drain because the kitten and teacher kept setting it off, the former with her ability to swipe the food from the trap without triggering it and the latter from being a newbie to this whole rescue thing, all while water run-off pours down your shirt while you’re hanging upside-down, ants and cockroaches crawl up your arms and moms swerve around you in SUVs while you’re laying across the parking lot, but on Day 9 you catch that ragamuffin and she’s a cutie and now safe and comfy onsite and Laurel Hager can finally sleep, her boyfriend can stop hearing her stress and a bunch of kindergartners are going to think you’re the coolest guy on the planet.” obsessive. Joey Phipps…and Fugee.

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