We’re disappointed to report that Joce passed away earlier this evening. The subject of a heart-breaking post yesterday, this once proud diva was pulled from a central Fresno neighborhood in rough shape by Cassie Garcia and Joey Phipps. Blind, wobbly and filthy, her condition suggested “end of life”, but we remained optimistic, groomed her, set her up in a comfy kennel and had her at the vet today for exam and fluids.
After her assessment, the vets confirmed that we were likely hospice for this fragile girl. And while we hoped to have a bit more time to show her the love she deserved but never had, she passed on the trip home. Her passing was not unexpected but it’s never easy, and we take comfort that she knew care and compassion before she left us and didn’t pass in obscurity like so many others. Joce, RIP.
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