Joey Phipps into harm’s way, stand back while he risks life and dignity to rescue a terrified kitten and then bask in the ticker tape parade of goodwill, sometimes using our experience to help a pet parent get her little one back on track without excessive credit card trauma is equally rewarding.
Stephanie Yeats Cymanski pointed her to us. Could we help?
After reviewing the bill, X-rays and estimate, we responded that we’re not a vet but we’ve seen a few scuffed up cats, and to us at least, it looked like Jerry wasn’t going to die. If it was us, and we were worried about the brat in our own lap, we’d tell the ER to box that furry body pillow up and hustle him over to our favorite vets for another look. Relieved, Mom did just that and within the hour, the big fella was in the KF queue and Mom was in off the ledge.
Late the next morning, we sent a photo with Jerry relaxing in recovery—ready to go home. Boom! As soon as school broke, Mom fishtailed to a stop in the parking lot, and her little ones burst through the front door. Once everyone caught their breath, they were handed their furry squishpillow with strict instructions to let him use the leg, but no jumping or rough housing. Thrilled and thankful to have their beefy buddy back, Mom and minions assured us they’d send us updates on his recovery.
As promised, Mom sent photos of Jerry at home and couldn’t be more appreciative of the guidance, but the treat of the week was receiving drawings from her little ones thanking us for our help. We’re better at analyzing X-rays than art, but we think the pieces capture the emotion of the moment and the talent is undeniable. The message for everyone else? It’s in the post. Jerry.