The hard truth is that compassion in animal rescue comes with a staggering price tag. Our sassy firecracker, Jacki, pictured here, needs some expensive eye work and Lex (our third paraplegic onsite) will need more than a little attention to get back on the dance floor. On the plus side, based on their constant purring, I’m confident our four-legged guests understand the support they get from our followers and appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a life of love and attention, and as with Mr. Hobbs here, take a little midday sun by the lake. We’re the first person to reach for the check at dinner (it’s an ego thing) but this COVID thing really bent the axle of our efforts to drive Fresno’s unacceptable euthanasia rates to zero. For the data junkies out there, Su Kim isn’t shy about letting me know that our crew has saved 1,162 animals in 2020 and “Jack Daniels isn’t paying the bills he creates.” 😀 Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated and will 100% be used to better life for creatures in need. Thank you!  
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