Henry, Joaquim, Bellatrix, Fozzy, Louie and Maddie

Our attendance at yesterday’s Adoption Event at the Fresno Animal Center was intended as a meet and greet but ended up with Henry, Joaquim (FIV), Bellatrix (FIV), Fozzy (FIV) all finding new homes, Astro and Honey pulling strong interest and feature cats Fluff (polydactyl), Stormy (storm drain rescue) and Maddie (prison, rickets) cuddled and complimented by cat-friendly visitors. We commiserated with like minded rescues and shared thoughts on how we can put ourselves out of business with community-wide spay and neuter efforts. By any standard, the day was a wild success…even without LouieMania.
Ah, Louie. From the time we carted Louie from the KF van into the Animal Center, shook him from the carrier like a king bed pillow jammed into a queen bed pillowcase, Louie left attendees dumbstruck with his fluffy magnificence and dad bod nonchalance. “Oh my god, he’s so BIG!” “His paws are like cookies!” “He sits like that? Airdrop me that photo!” “He's a mood! I need him!” Only Maddie, sharing a kennel with him for scale, was unimpressed with the parade of fawning sycophants. “Really? I busted out of the joint for this?”
After five hours of nonstop mom mauling, Louie had had enough, jumped down from his kennel and waddled toward an open door. Louie can’t outrun a watermelon, but a deranged fan scooping him up and bolting for the exit was a real concern, so Mama Natalie hauled him back in and set up a human screen by his carrier to prevent another escape attempt. A half an hour later, LouiePalooza came to an end exceeding all expectations: four adoptions (three FIVs), three families better for the additions, one grouchy Himalayan and more selfies and giggles than we can count. Thank you, Joey Phipps, Natalie Schafer and Sarah Hueck for helping all day and everyone else who stopped by and supported the event!
Henry, Joaquim, Bellatrix, Fozzy, Louie and Maddie.
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