Come See Us!

Of the most over-used words in the English language, “awesome” has to be near the top of the list. Once reserved for the truly frightening—a Saturn V lift-off, the Sixth Fleet offshore or the Steelers defense coming at you—sometime in the early 80s, the So Cal surfer crowd cheapened the word by applying it anywhere and often. I love me some early Van Halen, but there’s a big difference between Eddie tapping the intro to Eruption on a Fender fretboard and an Apollo launch generating 16 million pounds of thrust toward the Moon and melting a city block in the process. And no matter how savvy one might be with the King’s English or an iPhone camera, words and two-dimensional imagery cannot and will not convey the splendor of your first Burning Man. Some things can only be understood in person. Like Big Louie.
From 10-4 today, we’ll be participating in the adoption event at the Fresno Animal Center. Since we can’t compete with $5 adoption prices, it’s more of a meet and greet for us, but also a chance to flex the cats we’ve featured in prior posts. We’ll present Fluff, a 23-toed polydactyl Maine coon pulled from the street emaciated and covered with blood and urine, now ready for someone with a spot for an FIV+ on their roster. Maddie, our little rickets survivor, the Waif of the Big House, pulled as sickly contraband from a local prison, whose sass punches way beyond her weight class—“You know I was in the joint, right?” And it’s Stormy’s first public appearance since some clandestine team cut her loose from a city storm drain in a daring and dangerous rescue. We’ll also debut Honey, Joaquin, Fozzy and Bellatrix who all have something a little funky about them but are otherwise perfect. And Big Louie.
Ah, Louie. Our awesome (yeah, I said it) 18-pound Himalayan squish pillow pulled from a colony and now the only thing keeping Mama Su from serving a 10 to life bit when I greenlight another litter under the cover of daylight. If your belly was too big to allow you to sit or lay politely, we’d whisper behind your back, but Louie makes it positively post-worthy. Part therapy cat, part emoji, this Buddha-bellied boy will be available for selfies and giggles from 10-4 at the Animal Center. Easy, ladies, he’s not available for adoption, but sink your hands into his furry awesomeness and you’ll be transported from the horrors of Kitten Season 2023 to your happy place. All we ask in exchange? A few kind words and the chance to put a face to a name. Come see us!
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