As satisfying as it is to send Joey Phipps into harm’s way, stand back while he risks life and dignity to rescue a terrified kitten and then bask in the ticker tape parade of goodwill, sometimes using our experience to help a pet parent get her little one back on track without excessive credit card […]


HMS Intrepid was a 64-gun ship of the Royal Navy launched in December 1770. Intrepid—fearless, adventurous—served the Crown for five decades, exploiting the East Indies, bombarding colonial rabble and hounding the French until she was taken from service and sold in 1828. In late August, Ashby lay broken in a Hanford orchard, the victim of […]


Last night, while I was updating about Hope, and Joey Phipps was debating a bar stool lawyer who argued that rolling the clock back at 2:00 AM meant he had another hour to drink, Anna Marie Gonzalez forwarded us a post about a kitten trapped in a storm drain 30 minutes away. The little one […]


*Update* Hope's mobility is still limited but moves well enough to use her litter box. “Super affectionate”, “Purrs loud and often…” A week ago, Hope was pulled from a gutter with a smashed, necrotic paw, compound fracture to her rear leg and a broken hip…an unexpected run-in with a car. The pus from her eyes […]

Charlie, Achilles and Hope

If you want to get good at something, do it. Whether it’s hitting a baseball, reviewing financial statements or fixing a broken cat, don’t talk about it, be about it. We’ve let our vets fix (and not euthanize) so many scuffed up little ones that their reaction now is not, “I don’t know…”, it’s “Here’s […]

Third Neuter Event

With the third neuter event a wrap but for the cleaning, it’s time to face the inconvenient truth that a small group of self-trained, unpaid but committed animal lovers proved the impossible possible, repeated the feat three times in six weeks and improved on the process each time. In truth, the “one-day” events were 2+ […]


Meet Whopper, who came to us with horrible burns on his back, and was so named for both the Burger King drive-thru where he was found and the impression he made on the techs when they neutered him. Our attempts to treat his burns with topicals came up short, so we greenlit the vets to […]

Pretty standard Monday

Two dentals, a kitten with neuro damage to her legs (positive thoughts!), a feral colony cat with a suspected leg break (nah, just tweaked), femoral head surgery for a 16 lb bruiser whose mom was quoted 4x elsewhere, pin removal from a spunky kitten with two formerly broken legs, recheck and spay of a feral […]


Meet Phoebe, the office cat at Club One Casino. A luxe calico pulled from the street with a necrotic leg (removed, now a tripod), Phoebe is the only cat in our network with a personalized collar, security/surveillance team monitoring her movement, her own couch from which to rule and a chef at her disposal round […]


We’re disappointed to report that Joce passed away earlier this evening. The subject of a heart-breaking post yesterday, this once proud diva was pulled from a central Fresno neighborhood in rough shape by Cassie Garcia and Joey Phipps. Blind, wobbly and filthy, her condition suggested “end of life”, but we remained optimistic, groomed her, set […]

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