Joey Phipps…and Fugee

There’s obsessive, and then there’s “Your boss takes a call from Laurel Hager, a K2 teacher that heard a kitten crying in a storm drain at her school, scopes out the situation, calls you in and while he's dealing with a broken tortie and sobbing followers, you respond by modifying a small Tractor Supply trap […]


Tuesday morning, we received an urgent Facebook message from Alyssa Lucio whose friend witnessed a kitten hit by a car while taking her daughter to school. Her friend wrapped the broken body in a towel, moved it from the road, dropped her own little one at school and returned to pick up the remains. She […]

Tom the Cat

In early June Christy Nijjer contacted us desperate for help for a stray who limped into her life with leg injuries that looked appalling—exposed bones and tendons—and smelled worse. Tom the Cat was filthy and couldn’t open his eyes, but she insisted he was friendly and “compassionate”. What Christy lacked in creativity (Tom the Cat?), […]


Before COVID, my Augusts were spent convincing Mama Su that my attendance at BurningMan was vital to the preservation of my soul and spirit. That sordid bacchanal of radical inclusion, self-expression and self-reliance offers provocative art and un-paralleled people watching, and apart from the Orgy Dome (never been), Cuddle Puddle (once) and occasional trollop peddling […]

Kia Kat

Earlier today, we were tagged in a post about a kitten trapped in an abandoned car on a Southeast Fresno side street. Previous efforts to free the little one had failed, and after pressing the poster for the location, I made a note to stop by when I could. Like most days, this one spun […]


Our adoption event at PetSmart Riverpark wrapped up with 15 furry Kirkland hustlers finding new families on which to work their mischief. Natalie Schafer, Stephanie Yeats Cymanski and Sarah Hueck did yeoman’s work preparing adoption packages, hauling gear and cats to and from the store, setting up and staffing the event, presenting our gremlins in […]


Stop us if you've heard this one… Guy gets tagged about a kitten in a storm drain. Kitten has been howling like a car alarm for three days, fire department couldn't help, finder is worried sick and has no one else to turn to. Thirty minutes later, guy presses pause on the day, tosses a […]


When we get tagged about kittens in storm drains, we’re always sort of amused at the suggestions to call the fire department or PD or the shelter. While those folks have training and resources, the reality is that there’s no chance a fire truck or police cruiser has a cat trap onboard, and if the […]

Cliff Notes

Cliff notes: I wrestle with cat beds, Mama Su works the mike and a bunch of cats get fixed. Part 1: The Paradox Most evenings I finish up at work around 1:00 AM or so and head home for one last lap of litter boxes, water bowls, trash cans and washer/dryer before evicting groggy cats […]

The Garage 5 and the Jackson 3

Update on the Garage 5… Our modest role in Jennifer Quinn Yovino's garage rescue post started when Gabby Hicks emailed us late Tuesday about a kitten wandering alone a downtown parking garage, and she couldn’t be sure, but she thought she heard faint cries behind the stairwell wall. Having spent 15 years prowling downtown Fresno […]

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