Cameos of Athena, Potts and Dirty Harry…

It may sound cynical, but if you’re in rescue long enough, you immediately spot the downside of most pet-related items. That adorable squeaky toy…3 AM nightmare, that “indestructable” chew toy…”Jackpot will make short work of that!” and bedding that looks so plush and comfy? “Good luck getting that in the washer…”
The Kirkland Signature Round Orthopedic Napper in Brown Faux Leather is one such item. If I happened past it on a Costco run, I’d be seduced by its size and appearance “The lifers are gonna love it!” but once I asked, “Do I really want to take this to the laundromat each week?”, I’d pass. But it would be stuck in my head as I filled the cart with more defensible items like paper towels, trash bags or bourbon, “Now if we had a commercial washer…”
That “if only” argument was made moot late last week when we were offered the Napper by a co-worker whose dog who had dismissed it for the superior comfort of her hardwood floors. The colleague insisted the bed was like new—”Athena’s never even been on it”—and offered us the Napper in exchange for a donation receipt. Just like that, I had the excuse I needed to introduce it into the Kirkland ecosystem. “Come on…it was free!”
Last night, I brought the Napper home in the back of the truck and tossed it on the front hall floor. The Big Guy was still chilly from the ride home but soon caught the attention of paraplegic Kirk and his squad, two still unnamed and highly probable foster failures. Kirk is revered by both for his dominance of the fully functionals and multiple escape attempts without punishment. “He kicked Fluff’s butt!” “He made it to the solar panels before Mama Su caught him…and he didn’t even get a swat!” He's Cool Hand Luke in a wheelchair and the Litter Guy is the only one at risk of solitary.
In any event, once the Napper warmed to room temperature, Kirk and his crew, unlike Athena, have made uninterrupted use of it. There have been skirmishes for position—anything popular at House Kirkland (sunny space, rotisserie chicken, the karaoke mike) is always contested—lifers Potts and Dirty Harry are still partial to their boxes and I haven’t figured out what to do once the Napper is too gamey to ignore, but for now it offers comfort and photo ops, and do you really need anything more than that?
Kirk, his crew and the Napper. Cameos of Athena, Potts and Dirty Harry…
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