Bruce, Stevie, and Miss Diva

We’re thrilled to report that super-foster Stephanie Yeats Cymanski found forever homes for Kirkland alums Bruce, Stevie and Miss Diva this past weekend. Part PT Barnum, part Clara Barton, Mama Steph has the remarkable ability to welcome the broken ones into her circus tent, nurture them back to health and maintain the discipline to show them the egress. It's not easy (lots of sobbing emojis in the texts) and our own foster fails scuffling over bed space and boxes suggest we could use more of that discipline around the house.
Bruce was one of a litter from a feral mom and shook off his DNA to become a lovable lout. Unlike many Kirkland alums, Bruce didn’t have issues at intake other than a mom who would sooner watch you bleed out than accept an ear smoosh. Still, he was a project and is now a go to couchmate for his pet parents and loving brother to his Great Pyrenees sister, Winnie, in his forever home courtesy of Mama Stephanie’s savvy matchmaking.
Stevie, a gray fluff-ball kitten, came to us with a badly infected leg from a local colony. Stevie’s paw was stubborn to heal but with regular draining and attention, the swelling finally dissipated. And with Mama Steph insisting on active play for all her charges, Stevie regained its use in full and now scampers around his forever home providing non-stop giggles and photo ops with his new bestie Marlo, another Great Pyrenees!
But perhaps the most heartwarming story of the three was the adoption of Miss Diva. The prospective pet parents wanted a love bug that could match the sass and spunk of their own little one, and when asked for suggestions, our crew chimed “Miss Diva!” in unison. Found under a woodpile as a bottle baby, this talkative tart insisted in being involved in everything during her stay onsite, and her new best friend's grin says Mama Stephanie once again found a perfect fit.
As always, thank you Stephanie, all our dedicated crew and fosters for the love, care and discipline(!) and PetSmart Charities for your support. Bruce, Stevie and Miss Diva.
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