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The Unknown Tabby

To the unknown tabby that we had to euthanize earlier today with irreparable spinal trauma, please know that we did all we could to

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Salem & Medusa

If you’re a fan of pirates—and who isn’t?—you have to love Zheng Yi Sao (pronounced Sheng Yee Sa). This hussy turned pirate queen took

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The contact said her sister’s cat had been stuck on the roof since yesterday, the fire department and “20 rescues” waved her off and

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Frazier & Squid

Once a week, we text our friends at PetSmart Riverpark to order a pallet of litter, present our phone number (Treats points!) and credit

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Gracie & Biscuit

Two years ago in the early days of the COVID lockdown, we pulled Gracie, a tuxedo kitten with a mangled paw, from the local

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