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In my defense, prior to placing Ziggy on the back lawn of House Kirkland, I had no indication of her explosive speed and elusiveness.

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Kirk & Bran

If you’re incarcerated in the Main House at House Kirkland, there’s something a bit off with you—you’re missing a body part, have a behavioral

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We want to help all of them. Seriously, we believe every sick, injured or neglected cat that’s out there deserves the same care we’d

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Last weekend, Carlotta, a long-haired Siamese, was pulled from the local euthanasia room with a mangled leg that had been tangled in barbed wire

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Like any parent, when asked which furry little one I like best, I respond with “All of them” or “They’re each special in their

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It’s been quite a week. We placed a bunch of furry hooligans in unsuspecting forever homes, the crew ducked the Omnicom surge for another

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