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Spring Cleaning Projects

The Great Dryer Vent Purge of 2023 sparked a rash of spring-cleaning projects at House Kirkland including a long-overdue refresh of vacuums, air purifiers,

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The Jee Yees

Cliff Notes: A DIY project at House Kirkland results in a new washer/dryer. In one of my failed entrepreneurial efforts early in my career,

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After the Great Propane Freezeout of Christmas 2022, climate challenges are given serious consideration at House Kirkland. Leaks, flooding and toppled trees have proven

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Happy New Year

What a month! In between holiday parties, paperwork and pet piles, we’ve had a rush of activity that put the crew and our emotions

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House Kirkland

Around 2:30p on Christmas Day, we paused the cleaning, feeding and treating treadmill to get ready to meet family for dinner, when I heard

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