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Gracie & Biscuit

Two years ago in the early days of the COVID lockdown, we pulled Gracie, a tuxedo kitten with a mangled paw, from the local

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Whenever you think you’re killing it, consider Rocky. Stunningly handsome, master chillaxer, shameless lothario and confident enough to be photographed in a pig beanie.

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Uno and the Beast

The day started with an early morning run to the vet with Uno, a tabby with a deformed eye and golf ball-sized growth on

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Every good rescue includes a few key elements—kitten in distress, sketchy hiding spot, handwringing and home remedies, inappropriate attire, awkward smells, rescuer cameos and

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Rocky, Maddie, Brock

Two months ago, a friend messaged us about a curious brute pulled from a colony in Modesto. His ears said “Scottish fold” but closer

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