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Lex came to us late last night with all sorts of issues—caught in a fence for days, trauma to his midsection, dragging his legs,

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The Lav Guy

Forty years ago, I spent two summers working as a ramp attendant at the Bangor International Airport, servicing charter airlines ducking the more expensive

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Today’s unadoptable, Nash, is a hugger. Unlike your annoying friend who two Coronas deep insists that he “really loves you, bro”, this yellow longhair

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The Pirates

Today’s unadoptables, or category of unadoptables, are the Pirates, our furry misfits who through some past misfortune find themselves short an eye or a

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In Jurassic Park, when paleontologist Dr. Grant (Sam Neill), sees a man-made Brachiosaurus for the first time, he’s speechless and giddy with wonderment at

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Thumper, today’s unadoptable, came to us as an adolescent from Coalinga where he had suffered a pellet gun attack, leaving his mobility and life

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