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Storm – Part 2

Two months ago, we responded to a call from Reedley about a grungy gray and white long-hair that showed up on the finder’s porch,

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Selfless Dedication

In the Muffin Scene, my favorite from the movie Casino, Ace Rothstein (Robert DeNiro) complains to his partner about the inequality of blueberries in

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Storm, Milton, Stumpy

2022 has had no shortage of bummers—$5 gas, Eastern Europe on the brink and a kitten season from Hell—but whenever you want to feel

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80% of a successful rooftop rescue is figuring out the exact location of howling furball from the post, comments, tags and messages. The other

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Two months ago, we posted about Karl, a cross-eyed Siamese that Carly Ankney pulled from the PTS list at the local shelter with a

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Over the weekend, we had a dramatic tree rescue that we managed to capture on video from start to finish, complete with GoPro footage.

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