Bella, Rocky and Priscilla

Working the furry circus at House Kirkland requires balancing distractions against your daily routine. A foster might show up with an armload of kittens to booster—“OMG, OMG…they’re so chubby!” The lifers might engage in something text-worthy, “Bella’s in a tree…hunting…” Or there might be an important bit of gossip, “Rocky and Priscilla are a thing…” And there are always unexpected guests, “There’s a possum hiding by the chainsaw in Garage 1. She looks pregnant…”
Chubby kittens and pregnant possums notwithstanding, there is one time during which the crew maintains complete concentration—when the weekly pallet of litter arrives and needs to be distributed. If I ever need to get rid of a body, I’m doing it under the cover of the litter delivery. None of the staff will ever admit to seeing anything until all 50 25 lb bags are off-loaded and stacked around the facility and will insist that they were way too focused on cleaning, medicating, PetPoint entries, whatever to notice what I was doing.
Bella, Rocky and Priscilla.
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