In Jurassic Park, when paleontologist Dr. Grant (Sam Neill), sees a man-made Brachiosaurus for the first time, he’s speechless and giddy with wonderment at the size and grace of the gentle beast. So it is, when today’s unadoptable, Banana, wanders into the room—your jaw will drop and you’ll be compelled to rub your hands on this colossus to confirm that he’s real. At 17.8 pounds, Banana is the biggest cat we have onsite and worthy of a John Williams score to highlight his magnificence.

Banana gets his name from his yellow coat and white chest, but “Case of Bananas” is probably a more apt moniker. This furry giant is sweet-tempered—when you’re bigger than anyone else in KF gen pop you can be—and gets along well with cats (and dogs) of all sizes. Banana’s flaw is that, like his sidekick Thomas, he’s FIV+, which is a non-issue given his temperament and overall health. He had a skin condition, since kicked—his coat is flawless—and importantly, this furry body pillow will let you knead him until your legs fall asleep. He’s had an on again off again sinus issue, but there’s no scenario in which you’d call him sickly. He’s a big sexy beast, and he knows it.

For a family with enough square footage and ceiling height to accommodate Banana, an Instagram page documenting his antics will no doubt generate welcome income on the side. He’s an emoji inspiring cat if we ever had one, and despite the fact that you’ll need to engage your core every time you pick him up, you’ll be happy he’s on the bed when the weather turns colder There’s a side of me that would say the Banana/Thomas combo (both shown below) would be the perfect balance for an otherwise chaotic family, but candidly, we’re not sure who could handle 30+ pounds of ginger awesomeness…

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