Bonnie and Clyde

Got a call from dispatch last night about two wayward kittens who lost their mom to a pack of dogs and were on a clear path to delinquency just a few blocks from the KF office. “They’re cute but they’ve got some scrap in ‘em.  Oh, and they’re sleeping in a tree…”

We headed over to the kittens’ last known location and got eyes on the trees beside the parking lot the two waifs reportedly called home.  Sure enough, a quick scan of the foliage with a 300 lumen Maglite revealed a little furry fanny hanging from the branches and its owner and sibling dozing in the evening heat.

After crafting a makeshift step ladder from the truck bed and a carton of Friskies pate, I deferred to Su Kim’s superior negotiation and scruffing skills and before you could say “juvie”, those miscreants were in the KF paddy wagon and headed to the Big House.

Like most street toughs we pick up, they were all hiss and vinegar until they had visited the spa, stuffed themselves at the buffet and checked into their new digs.  Something about nice bath, full belly and fluffy towel takes the edge off even the staunchest wildling.  In any event, less than 24 hours after being plucked from the crotch of a downtown tree, our newest guests are building weight and expectations.  Meet Bonnie and Clyde…

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